Liv’s Legacy Challenge what it is about and scoring


This Blog is design to record that progress of my challenge and give my competing Simmer Buddy updates of my progress as she is unable to view my game. My Buddy’s Game can be view at 

This Legacy Challenge is broken up into Sections, with Rules below is the details:

Succession Laws:

  • The Gender Law I will be doing is the Matriarchy, this means that my Founder Sim has to be a Female and the Heir must be a female.
  • The Bloodline I have chosen will be is Strict Traditional, this mean that all heirs must naturally born.
  • The Heir Law I have chosen will be First Born (the oldest female).


The Rules that I will be following are set out at the following website


In the Challenge there is 10 objectives and you can earn a total 100 points. But there is penalties.

Family: 1 point per Generation, 10th point earnt by 10 sims in 1 generation

Creative: memorialize by another sim, either book book, song or painting per generation before they die. 10th point complete 2 out of 3 aspirations (eg complete writing & music)

Fortune: Net worth high every generation. Net worth will be noted at the point were the child becomes a young adult.

Love: with each spouse they need to have different traits to any other spouse in the legacy 10th point a sim completing all the love aspirations.

Knowledge: in each generation a total of 90 skill points need to be earnt, but the Heir has to complete two skills to level 10.

Athletic: 1 sim per generation must complete aspiration, 10th point is earnt by completing all Adult and Childhood Aspirations.

Natural – Death, you need to have tombstones for all the 10 death types and be stored on plot.

All career rewards need to be collected.

Complete all Aspirations.

The rest of the points are earned by collecting and displaying the other in-game collections

Food: (point for each)

  1. Most expensive fridge and stove
  2. Make a high quality dish
  3. A sim maxing in cooking and mixology skills
  4. Complete Food aspiration
  5. Have a fat sim from eating too much food
  6. 6 sims from the family eating at the table at once – same dish
  7. Top of both food careers
  8. Make high Quality meal using 2 fresh ingredients
  9. Make high quality meal and drink on date
  10. Serve Max quality meal and drink party size

Popularity: each Heir, to have done all 4 party types and date and Earn a total of 12 Points which consists of earning at least 2 gold medals

Deviance: buy a “potion of Youth” per generation and dont use it


1 power turned off due to unpaid bills

-1 plumbing turned off due to unpaid bills

-1 child taken away by social services

-1 additional spouse introduced into the family after the generation spouse has moved in. (More then 1 spouse per generation you lose a point.

Total of 100 Points.


the offspring Traits and Aspirations will be determine all every child by using the following generator:

Theme for the Heir

 Names of the females will be Strippers and Males Gigolo.


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