Current progress


Week 1 (sims time)

Clifton has reached level 3 of public aspiration

Public Enemy 1-3

The house is moving along nicely, it was agreed 20k could be introduced by the first spouse only. (not in the normal legancy rules)


scoring 2 points – tracking assistant sheet as per the awesome “sims legacy website.

TS4LC Tracking Assistant

Photos of Bill Crompton de Vampire to come


First Week


Angel created a stir at the Bar and got into a fight and then declared someone as her enemy

10-26-14_3-35 PM

but it was where she met the evil Clifton Humphries

10-27-14_9-55 PM

With dreams of been a Public Enemy

Within the first few moments there was the:



Then Woohoo


which lead to this news


First few weeks


What an interesting first few weeks,  Met my lovely neighbor Hana Bergman, who even still loved me after nearly burning her house down.

photo (2)

who eventually passed away, but Aphrodite was not scared of the Grim Reaper just laugh in their face.

She tried to become a successful entertainer but gave up the career path to become a Tech Guru.

In her many encounters she met some Nasty men, even got into a nasty fight with Thomas Jarrell. She eventually found the Good, Neat, Domestic but Hates Childrens Kent Gale. That become instant friends and even shared their first kiss together.

09-16-14_10-47 PM

which lead to you know what

09-16-14_10-51 PM

which lead to him moving in bringing $20k into the household. Their loving vacant plot is slowly forming into a home with a nice out door kitchen and a study to died for.

09-17-14_8-23 PM

Lets see what the next few weeks bring

Meet Aphrodite Stripper


Aphrodite like Adam and Eve came from Nothing. Growing up as a teen she was a bit of a rebel, but decided to become more Class then Pass. With the desire to become a Nerd her creativity and ambitious trait will help her achieve greatness, sometimes her Goofball actions may get in the way. Watch out Oasis Springs hope your ready for the “Strippers”